About SuccessFactorsInc.Net

SuccessFactorsInc.Net is all about high performance and business growth.
Our mission? Growing people who grow your business.

If your vision for your business includes significant and rapid growth objectives driven by a high-performance culture—We need to talk. If you want leaders, rather than managers, who foster creativity and innovation to drive results—We need to talk.

SuccessFactorsInc.Net, founded by Dr. Julie Miller, provides market-tested and proven employee training and development programs where participants gain clarity around their key talents and how to align their personal and professional goals with the organization’s vision and mission. Our Fast Track to Success programs ensure your employees become self-directed and produce accountable results.

We grow people who grow your business because developing your people is a huge value, rather than the cost of starting anew. Let us help you harness the entrepreneurial spirit within your company and drive bottom line wins. Learn more about our programs.

About the Founder

Dr. Julie Miller and her team bring decades of business acumen to the company. Having consulted, trained and coached at all levels (from CEO to individual contributor) with wide-ranging sizes and types of business (startups to established Fortune 500 companies), Dr. Miller and her team of certified SFI coaches have a bird’s eye view on corporate America.

Dr. Miller is clear on what it takes to be successful—on what individuals and companies need in order to thrive and flourish. She knows that having employees infused with the nine “Success Factors” contributes to high performance and increased bottom line profits.

Dr. Miller’s extensive experience coupled with her strong academic background and exceptional reputation for quality makes SuccessFactorsInc.Net a company you can count on. Growing people who grow your business is what Success Factors Inc. is all about. A sought-after speaker, trainer, coach, Dr. Julie’s high-energy keynotes and high performance results win rave reviews across all industries and organization levels. Read her full bio.

Guiding Principles

  • Growth and development is not only possible, it is a natural function of life.
  • The secret to companies’ success is turning their high potentials into high performers.
  • The nine Success Factors are the keys to success and the source of extraordinary results, fulfilled visions, and joyful lives.
  • Learning is fun and engaging.
  • Inspiring and deep conversation lifts individuals and businesses.
  • Relationships are the heart and soul of transformation.
  • People CAN change; traits and abilities are not fixed nor unalterable.
  • People can reach their potential so that they can experience happier and more fulfilled lives and careers.


We collaborate with organizations clear on the value of evoking Vision, Passion, and Perseverance to maximize individual and organizational performance. Thus, producing superior business results.


We engage, energize, and empower individuals in their organizations through our forward-looking education, training and coaching. Our work is based on the premise that “growing people grows businesses.”

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Partnership
  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Service
  • Learning
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