Self-Starter Traits

Everyone has self-starter traits in them and by learning from the stories in my book about these amazing self-starters, you can recognize them in you and thus reach your potential,… Read More

Secrets of Self-Starters

If I were to ask you to give me one attribute to a self-starter, what would you say? Perhaps words just as someone with get-up-and-go, energetic, passionate. Might those be… Read More

A Self-Starter Defined

I have two questions for you to ponder: If I was to ask you to define a self-starter, what attitudes or traits--I call them traititudes-- come to mind? As you think… Read More

Writing a Book

You would think since I have written and revised my business-writing book five times, that I would get used to the process! Sigh. It is just a tough slog to… Read More

Self-Starters are Finishers

One of the things I have learned in interviewing 100 self-starters is that they just don't start something, they finish it. As many of them said: The world is littered… Read More