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Fast Track to Success is an employee development and training program providing solutions to the pervasive dilemma of a shifting business environment. Nowadays, employees think differently about work--how they want to work, where they want to work, and how long they are willing to work for the company. The impact? Lack of engagement, mediocre performance, low morale, little innovation and retention.

How do you overcome this problem? Investing in your employees is your chance to not only develop them into the high-performers you envision, but to reward their initiative and execution. The Fast Track to Success program helps you get results faster, builds loyalty, and retains top talent.

The Fast Track to Success program is a product of top talent coupled with solid research–qualitative and quantitative–into how people realize success, personally and professionally. This program’s total focus is on growing your people who grow your business, which then skyrockets your bottom line.

Check out the Fast Track to Success program SAMPLE outline for Individual Contributors:    

How the Program Works

The Fast Track to Success programs are offered at three levels. Each level’s content is targeted to that group’s needs and goals. Each level has a corresponding Miller Success Factors Assessment  that uncovers what are the strongest Success Factors of your team or organization.

1- Individual contributors

2- Managers/supervisors

3- Leadership team

 Learn more. Download these SAMPLE questions excerpted from the three Miller Success Factors Assessments (MFSA).                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Unleashing Capabilities for Producing Superior Results

We are clear that effective, productive results occur when program content is customized to your company’s goals and your employees’ needs—from the individual contributor to the senior executive. This involves:

  1. Conversations with key leaders in the organization.
  2. Participants take the Miller Success Factors Assessment (MSFA) to determine the program’s direction.
  3. Customized content is developed.
  4. Instructor-led workshops follow, including online or on-site venues.
  5. Weekly coaching sessions begin. They are dedicated to participants’ successful completion of a workplace ROI-based Success project.
  6. Re-administer Miller Success Factors Assessment (MSFA) to validate participant growth and determine next best steps.

What Return Will You Get?

Those who participate in the Fast Track to Success program experience a breakthrough in their success and expanded competencies in all nine factors of success. They experience pride and passion for delivering on a project that positively impacts the organization.

More specifically, your investment will be returned with:

  1. Moved the company’s mission and vision forward with successfully completed initiatives.
  2. Improved productivity–self-directed team members who are more engaged and productive.
  3. Reduced turnover–energized, creative, and inspired employees who stay and grow.
  4. Developed leadership skill sets applicable company-wide.
  5. A repeatable process that can be used for any future project or initiative.
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