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The business environment has shifted dramatically. In fact, it is now being called 'the disruptive workplace.' Employees are looking differently at work. Lack of engagement impacts performance, morale, innovation and retention. We know empowering your workforce with nine Success Factors will yield powerful results.

The Fast Track to Success employee development and training programs provide solutions to this pervasive dilemma. The Fast Track to Success programs:

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The Fast Track to Success employee development and training programs provide solutions to this pervasive dilemma. The Fast Track to Success programs:

-Consist of a three- to six-month engagement with coaching for accountability and execution

-Most suited for developing high potentials into high performers

-Are customized for greater impact and personalization

-Tailored for three levels: executives, managers, individual contributors

-Prepare employees to lead and execute strategically

-Develop agile mindsets around the nine Success Factors

-Empowers employees to create career success

The Fast Track to Success program is about getting results faster, building loyalty, and retaining top talent. Our goal is growing people who grow your company.  Investing in them is your chance to not only develop them into the high performers you envision, but to reward their initiative and execution.

The Fast Track to Success program is a product of top talent coupled with solid research—qualitative and quantitative—into how people realize success, personally and professionally. This program’s total focus is on growing your people who grow your business, which then skyrockets your bottom line.

Check out the Fast Track to Success program outline for Individual Contributors: 

Three Customized Levels

The Fast Track to Success programs are offered at three levels. Each level’s content is targeted at the needs and goals of that group. Each level has a corresponding Miller Success Factors Assessment that uncovers what are the strongest Success Factors of your team or organization.

1- Individual contributors

2- Managers/supervisors

3- Leadership team

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Unleashing Capabilities for Producing Superior Results

We are clear that effective, productive results occur when program content is customized to your company’s goals and your employees’ needs—from the individual contributor to the senior executive.

How the Program Works

  1. Conversations with key leaders in the organization.
  2. Participants take the Miller Success Factors Assessment (MSFA) to determine the program’s direction.
  3. Customized content is developed.
  4. Instructor-led workshops follow, including online or on-site venues.
  5. Weekly coaching sessions begin. They are dedicated to participants’ successful completion of a workplace ROI-based Success project.
  6. Re-administer Miller Success Factors Assessment (MSFA) to validate participant growth and determine next best steps.


Dr. Julie Miller presented her program at our educators’ conference. I attended where she presented a tailored version of her Success Factors to our group.  I was especially pleased that there were personal developmental elements included in this conference as well as time for work groups to utilize the important information she shared with us.  She is an engaging speaker with first-hand knowledge of how our personal attitudes toward success impact our work groups.  Even thought I was the only one who came from my organization, I left with a renewed personal commitment to my work and items to share with my staff that energized them immediately to raise the bar in their work.  I  highly recommend her for team building that will improve morale and focus and transform ‘work’ into a desired place to experience success.

Lynn, Director, Columbia Basin College

If you are looking for a seasoned facilitator and dynamic speaker, I would highly recommend Dr. Julie Miller. She presented a fun and thought-provoking program dealing with leadership and promoting change. I received numerous compliments about her program.

Rhonda, Lake Washington Institute of Technology


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