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Dr. Julie Miller isn’t just a thought leader—she’s an action leader! Dr. Julie has had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of successful professionals from all industries—from entertainment, to professional athletes to superstar entrepreneurs, to those shining intrapreneurs who make a difference inside organizations—to discover their secrets to extraordinary success. She takes those thoughts and turns them into action—action that leads to results for your people and your company!

Dr. Julie is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker. Contact us to ask Dr. Julie to speak at your next event or learn more.


Get Your Team Energized and Motivated

Invite Dr. Julie Miller to speak! An exciting and engaging speaker, Dr. Julie Miller’s high-energy presentations win rave reviews across all industries and organizational levels. With compelling stories, lessons learned and practical strategies—including her 9 Key Success Factors—Dr. Julie shows audiences how to discover and ignite their own Success spark by capitalizing on their strengths. Her infusion of humor throughout the speech adds that special touch and audiences leave thinking differently about their futures.

Her Success Factor programs work for entrepreneurs, corporate employees (“intrapreneurs”), public servants, non-profit rainmakers, academicians—anyone who thirsts for something better, desires to have or do more, or who realizes that the status quo is far from satisfying.

Award-winning and Experienced

Dr. Julie delivers results. During the past 25 years, she has engaged, motivated, and supported more than 750,000 business professionals across the continent—including those at numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Tailored to Your Needs

Clients and event organizers hire Dr. Julie for her enthusiastic passion as a keynoter, conference presenter, and working session leader. Bring Dr. Julie into your organization where she can  work with your employees in breakout sessions or in customized working sessions. Choose between half- and full-day sessions. Participants leave with deeper knowledge about the nine Success Factors, plus an action plan!

A sought-after speaker, Dr. Julie has an extensive client list. A sample list includes eBay, Starbucks,  Microsoft, Costco, Boeing, Kiewit Construction, PACCAR, Expedia, Wells Fargo, Bank of the West, City of Seattle, Cathay Bank, Bank of the West, Washington State’s Office of the Attorney General, and New York Life.

Are You Ready to Push the Success Factors Button?

To benefit from one of Dr. Julie Miller’s presentations, call 425.485.3221 or contact us.


“. . . thank you for the lovely talk you gave at the Harbor Club on Wednesday.  I learned so much and I know it will really aid me in jump starting my work.”
— Judy, Training in Power Academy

Thank you so much for the inspirational talk and giving me the opportunity to pick myself up again and refocus on what I must do to realize my vision.  I hope I will be lucky enough to see you again in the near future!
— Cheuk Law Group, LLP

Great exercises to get clear on passion, vision, and perseverance. Loved the dialogue.”
— BizEnrich

Dr. Miller was a very motivational speaker. Julie’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious.
—Walt, Cathay Bank

Did not believe that I was passionate about work until today.”
—James, SHRM conference

Dr. Julie Miller has amazing stories to share that really motivate you to move forward–enthusiastically.
—Cheryl, City National Bank

Made me really look at where I am right now and re-evaluate my tomorrow. This made me want to create an action plan and go about it. Thank you!! And may you inspire and touch more people’s lives!
—Mario, Intellectual ventures

This was an eye opener. By learning something new about myself, I expect to be a better person, a better employee and achieve my goal to go for the next level, earn the respect of my manager and my peers. Thanks Dr. Julie!
—David, Bank of the West

Thank you for your speech this morning at the Chamber. It is always great to get a “kick-in-the-pants” first thing in the morning that will motivate me to the next level in my business!


“You were one of my favorite speakers this year, because I love your energy.  Your enthusiasm for life is amazing and I like the tools you use.  Vision, passion and perseverance were such good words to share.  I believe that study was correct and these are certainly the keys to me having success in anything this year.  Perseverance is something that happens daily, even when I don’t feel like it.  Those small changes add up to big ones.  Thank you for presenting to our group and inspiring us going forward.  Many of us are living with uncertainty around our jobs and I find that your presentation helped me to remember who I am and that I don’t end with this job.”

-Joanne, Boeing

“The class was very informative. I feel I can take what I’ve learn today and apply to my work and my personal life.”

“Good Structure, engaging teacher, informative stories, well facilitated discussions, fun collaboration with table.”

” Enjoyed the stories, learned (better understood) some of the concepts i.e., risk taker “Ah-ha” moment related to how to take highest attribute to be successful.”

Very upbeat and inspiring workshop learning about the 9 factors of success, taking the Miller Success Factors Assessment and understanding my scores.”

“Great stories! The people and their stories are truly inspiring! Julie, you shared great enthusiasm – it is obvious you are passionate about helping people become successful and gain pleasure from seeing others achieve. You were able to draw the group into lively discussions. The exercises make one think and identify concrete plans.”

” I enjoyed the stories of real-life examples. They were motivational and inspiring. It helped me see that I can achieve my goals if all these other people could.”

“Great stories! High Energy! Great team conversation!”

“Had a flow, logical progression within the stories and matter being discussed.”

“I learned some valuable traits that I am not aware I truly have. Those are passion, creativity and positive thinking.”

“Enlightening, reaffirming, encouraging, wake up call.”

“I never so focused on myself or have looked at myself as closely as I did today. Today, I also realized I do not have a vision in what I’m doing; as goals or objectives to achieve. I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and how I can interweave each other for my success.”

-Bank of the West, Workshop participants

“Dr. Miller’s presentation shared her stories about some of the most creative and successful self-starters in the world. She is one of the most genuine speakers I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. Within the first three minutes, her vision was clear and with every preceding question, she strengthened that message. If you want to learn how to create your own unique story, Dr. Julie Miller should be the first person you call.”

-Kevin R, Booz  Allen Hamilton

Julie inspires audiences to be more successful and encourages innovation.  She provides a clear system to guide people to their full potential.  Her enthusiasm telling the stories of successful people brings the system to life.

-Kathy C, City University of Seattle

You did a fabulous job!  I got many compliments. The participants loved your positive enthusiasm. 

-Monta F, Lake Washington Institute of Technology





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