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We offer unique employee training and leadership development programs that use 9 factors of success to create high performing employees and strong leaders— from the executive team to individual contributors.

Optimize Your Investment with an Employee Development and Leadership Training Program with Five Critical Steps

In this fast-paced business environment, companies need to be nimble and flexible. They need employees who can ‘step up’ and lead from where they are—whether they are individual contributors or managers. Our program—Becoming a Success-Minded Leader—strengthens performance in each of 9 critical Success Factor Mindsets.

The result? High-performing employees and leaders who contribute powerfully to your bottom line.

When you partner with us, we follow a proven set of five interconnected steps so that your employees achieve brilliant results and fulfill on audacious visions. How? Read on.


Needs Analysis

It is crucial to know what your needs are. Conversations with key leaders give us a picture of where to focus, and which groups —executives, managers, or individual contributors—would benefit most from our development programs.


MSFA Assessment

Through the Miller Success Factors Assessment (MSFA), discover how your employees utilize the 9 key Success Factor Mindsets. The results give you reliable individual and group reports that clarify the program’s direction.


Workshop: On-site or Online

Our Becoming a Success-Minded Leader programs are customized, instructor-led and delivered either on-site, online, or in a blended approach–your choice! Vital to the program is an emphasis on strengthening all 9 Success Factor Mindsets.



During our engagement with you, we strongly recommend cohort coaching. We believe long-term sustainable results occur through reflection and accountability. These sessions can occur parallel with the program or as an extended option. Meet our team.


Post-Program Review

The post program review validates the growth and development of your employees. It determines the program’s effectiveness and efficiency and provides you with improvement areas and topics for further development. From that information, next steps become clear.


"Julie inspires audiences to be more successful and encourages innovation. She provides a clear system to guide people to their full potential. Her enthusiasm telling the stories of successful people brings the system to life."
-Kathy C, City University of Seattle

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