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We believe leadership has everything to do with creating a thriving environment – an environment in which the 9 Success Factor Mindsets of vision, passion, perseverance, creativity, compassion, risk-taking, self-motivation, seizing opportunities, and positive thinking are alive and well. When these Success Factor Mindsets flourish, organizations flourish. Goals are consistently met. Employees remain loyal and committed. The workplace is inspiring, fun, and productive.

Maximize Your Investment in Your Leaders

In the current business environment, companies need employees who can ‘step up’ and lead from where they are–employees who are clear that  their mindsets are the critical components to successful leadership; that their mindsets reflect and encourage vision, passion, perseverance, self-motivation and creativity. That their job as leaders is to develop mindsets that create an environment of trust loyalty, and compassion. 

The result? High-performing employees and leaders who not only positively impact your bottom line, but who consistently create a flourishing, thriving culture.

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"Julie inspires audiences to be more successful and encourages innovation. She provides a clear system to guide people to their full potential. Her enthusiasm telling the stories of successful people brings the system to life."
-Kathy C, City University of Seattle

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