From live web-based courses to engaging on-site sessions to transformative coaching, we deliver employee development and leadership training programs that get results.

We grow your people who grow your business. We know through work with numerous organizations (from startups to Fortune 500 companies) that a focus on the 9 Factor Mindsets of Success yields positive and sustainable results.

Our customized Fast Track to Success employee training and development programs are built around the needs analysis we conduct with you and your team. Then, based on the results of the Miller Success Factors Assessment (MSFA), YOU decide which format, time limit, and teaching venue works for you:

  • Two or three days on-site workshops.
  • Live online courses.
  • A blended approach.

Then coaching to solidify the learning, hold people accountable for delivering results, and teach them a repeatable process–with a continuous feedback loop to you.

We know these five steps are essential for your employees’ success.


Needs Analysis

It is crucial to know what your needs are. Conversations with key leaders give us a picture of where to focus, and which groups—executives, managers or individual contributors—would benefit most from this engagement.


Miller Success Factors Assessment

Through the Miller Success Factors Assessment (MSFA), discover how your employees utilize the nine key Success Factor Mindsets. The results give you reliable individual and group reports that clarify the program’s direction.


Workshop: On-site or Online

Fast Track to Success program is customized, instructor-led and delivered either on-site or online–your choice! Participants create a Success Initiative tied to the company’s vision and mission. Vital to the program is an emphasis on strengthening all 9 Success Factor Mindsets.

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In each session, your employees are supported and coached to the successful completion of their Success Initiative. These follow-on coaching sessions prove to be the critical element in achieving long-term sustainable results.



The post-assessment validates the growth and development of your employees. In addition, it gives you a comprehensive group score of improvement areas and topics for further development. From that information, next steps become clear.

How We Work

  • We believe in strategic partnerships. We collaborate with you. You can trust we will complete the work so that you can continue with other company initiatives.
  • We believe in continuous feedback. You will receive regular progress updates. And, of course, a full report at the engagement’s conclusion.
  • We believe in hiring top talent within our organization—certified, highly experienced and educated coaches who will work with your employees to drive lasting change and achievement.