Fast Track to Success Programs

Fast Track to Success is an employee development and leadership training program providing solutions to the pervasive dilemma of a shifting business environment.

The Problem

SuccessFactorsInc.Net targets longstanding challenges within companies: Challenges with engagement, retention, and lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities. Challenges in determining how best to build capabilities in people, grow leaders, change course, and take risks.

Our Solution

How do you overcome these problems? Invest in your employees! Thus providing your best chance for developing them into the high-performers and leaders you envision, and fulfilling your company vision and mission. The Fast Track to Success program helps you get results faster, build loyalty, and retain top talent.


The Fast Track to Success programs were developed by a team of professionals with advanced degrees. They range from leadership studies, Ph.Ds. in psychology and communication, and leadership-development. Additionally they have over 100 combined years in experience, knowledge, and expertise in corporate and workforce development.

This program’s foundation was built on solid qualitative research into how people realize success, personally and professionally. This program’s total focus is growing people who grow your business, which then skyrockets your bottom line.

Fast Track to Success Program Details

Your employees will work with our 9 key Success Factor Mindsets and learn to initiate and execute at new, more advanced levels. Results come through designing and implementing a Success Initiative that not only offers a benefit to your business, but also develops new ways for employees and leaders to manage and direct themselves. The program produces a shift in thinking along with a commitment to change.

We customize our programs to fit your need. Here are some things to consider. Choose what works for you, your employees. Consider the outcomes you want to achieve. We’ll help you get there.

Choices to make:

  1. Choose the venue: On-site or Online via webinars or a blended approach.
  2. Choose the time investment: Three- or two-day sessions (can be delivered in half-day sessions), followed by coaching: cohort and one-on-one sessions are offered.
  3. Choose the group of individuals you wish to develop: Executives, managers, or individual contributors.
  4. Choose the information you wish to discover through our assessments. Check out our Mini-Assessment.
  5. Contact us so we can build the best program for you!

What Return Will You Receive?

Those who participate in the Fast Track to Success program experience a breakthrough in their success and expanded competencies in all 9 factors of success. They experience pride and passion for delivering on a project that positively impacts the organization.

More specifically, your investment will:

  1. Move the company’s mission and vision forward with successfully completed initiatives.
  2. Improve productivity with self-directed team members who are more engaged and productive.
  3. Reduce turnover; energize, and inspire employees and leaders to stay and grow.
  4. Develop leadership skill sets applicable company-wide.
  5. Capture a repeatable process to be used for any future project or initiative.

"I left with a renewed personal commitment to my work and items to share with my staff that energized them immediately to raise the bar in their work."
Lynn, Director, Columbia Basin College

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