Miller Success Factors Assessment

To grow your people requires understanding how they operate around nine Success Factors

Self-knowledge is important for success. It is key to becoming an effective leader. If your employees have a better understanding of their strengths, they have a better understanding of how they operate—in their work, among their peers, and in the world.

We developed the Miller Success Factor Assessments (MSFA)—an integral piece of our Fast Track to Success programsto provide a personalized, in-depth analysis of individuals’ unique strengths and talents. Additionally, the test-taker receives a report clarifying the scores, gives further insight, and provides best practices for skill development.

The Miller Success Factors Assessmenta self-report instrument, delivers scores for each of the nine Success Factors. The resulting scores show core strengths and recommends future development. Try out the mini-MSFA.

We offer three MSFA options:

1. Individuals: Scores reflect how an individual functions out in the world relative to the nine Success Factors.

2. Employees: Scores reflect how an individual functions inside the company,

3. Organizations: Scores reflect how the organization as a whole functions relative to the nine Success Factors.

Once your employees have completed the MSFA, their composite scores provide you with an accurate reading of both strengths and areas for improvement. From that data, we determine the optimal customized solution.

Determine which MSFA works for your team. View this comparison of the three MSFA options.

Get an idea of the MSFA by taking a FREE sample of the Miller Success Factors Assessment.

I use the Self-Starter Success Assessment as a tool with my personal branding clients. It is a great way to help a person identify their core strengths, so that I can build on them further. Being able to really see where an individual's talents lie is a powerful tool in helping them find their professional niche."
- Peg M.